Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 5 of Mexico 2013

"Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you're my God!  You're all together lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me."

You may recognize these words as the chorus to a familiar praise song.  We saw a wonderful God today here in Mexico.  We started our day with a chap,e service.  The praise band from Yugo does a great job as well as the speakers helping to motivate us and keep our focus on Jesus.  We had a great breakfast and were out the door to our building ministry and kids ministry.  Another great time at both places.  The kids are really being blessed, both by the drama our kids ministry is doing but also from the bonds of friendship that are being formed.  Our speaker in chapel thanked us this morning, because he is a missionary with Yugo, and his wife is a Mexican, who as a girl first heard the gospel of Jesus when she was a little girl, from a group just like ours, that came to her village.  She started going to church, gave her life to The Lord, started working at Yugo, and our speaker came to Yugo as a kid in youth group.  Then came back as an intern, and eventually fell in love with this young woman.  They now have 2 daughters, and live here in Mexico as full time missionaries. We don't know now, we may never know, what seeds God is planting in the hearts and minds of the kids and family we are building a home for, but with Gods power, we who haven been sent are reaching people for Jesus.

The house is coming along, the roof was finished today, the windows installed, the trim work done with a few perfect cuts, the walls spackled, and textured, we chose to build a sink for the family, a bed for the mom and a set of bunk beds for the kids.  Those were assembled and stained today, tomorrow is installation.  

After our day of work we came back to a wonder supper of authentic Caren asada.  Wow what a wonderful meal.  We had planned to worship with a local congregation, that is housing the kids ministry. They asked us to share in part of the worship service.  So, team Foley stepped up and Brandon and Kyra read scripture and Chris shared his testimony and Sheryl prayed.  Logan Van Vuren also shared his testimony and Pastor Nick and Issac Lewis led us in singing.  This experience was AWESOME!  Words pale at an attempt to describe it. We were sing praise songs in English, they were singing in Spanish, and it was for me a little glimpse of what heave will be like, all Gods children sing his praise.  The song we sang, was she song that I quoted at the beginning of this blog.  At the end of the service the pastor called us up front because he wanted to have the congregation lay hands on us and pray for us.  There were very few dry eyes, it was a very powerful experience.  

Tomorrow we will finish construction and we hope to have our house dedication at 2 pm.  Please pray that the kids will hear the saving message of Jesus at the Kids ministry and that the family will know the love of Jesus in us.