Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 6 of Mexico 2013

Today was a crazy mixed up emotional day.  Praise God for this amazing chance to serve you!

We had the normal start to our:  chapel, breakfast and out the door.  But this morning had a sense of excitement as we all knew that a lot of work was ahead to finish our house in time for our dedication with the family.  We also knew it would be the last day to say good bye to our ninos and nina's and the plan to bless them with the education bags that we prepared. 

We got to our sites and dove in.  Trim work, door frames, hanging doors, extra touches like a portable sink and door mat made from scratch, touch up paint, paint the walls, install the light fixtures, clean up the site, finish the bunk beds, stage the house, hang the curtains, install the mattresses, make the bed.    

We were also blessed by the family who wanted to prepare a meal for us, salad, beans, fried chicken and ice cold soda.  We were told that the family killed 3 of their 5 chickens just to feed us.  We came to bless them in their poverty and from having nothing they wanted to bless and thank us.  

The church where we held VBS also prepared a luncheon for the kids ministry team, home made burritos and mashed potatoes and chorizo.  

The VBS team wound up their ministry and joined the frenzy that the build team was in and we finished the house in time for the 2 pm dedication.  Each member of the build team had a chance to hold the keys to the house they help build and say a few words to the family.  I think Issac said it well that we built a house but the family now had the chance to make it a home.  Mike challenged them to make their home a place that honored Jesus and generously shared the love of Jesus with others.  There were a lot of tears and more than a few pictures taken.  What an amazing thing when the family was given the keys to their home and they unlocked the door and waked in for the first time.  It is so humbling to know that God used us to provide for the homeless. The kids were jumping on their bunk beds, the mom just stood back and took it all in.  
Our unofficial team motto all week has been, "Live to serve, serve to live."    This time of service was yet one more reminder of true life in Jesus.